7 Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

One of the most in-demand career options for a photographer is to become a wedding photographer. Any photographer with an expertise in this particular domain will never go out of business provided weddings are something which will continue to happen no matter what. However, this particular type of photography isn’t easy to master, given one needs to be diverse enough to adopt a variety of styles. Being a photographer, you ought to be prepared for clicking still images, action pictures as well as in most extreme scenario underwater images.

So, if you also wish to start a career as a wedding photographer, here are a few tips which you ought to follow.

1. Know Your Gadget

The first and foremost tip for becoming a photographer of any type is to know your gadget inside out. You should be familiar with what all can your gadget do, what type of settings it has and what type of shoot modes it offers. Also, if you are not familiar with what cameras would be perfect for a wedding shoot, then check this list of DSLR’s which you can consider buying.

Once you get hold of the gear try clicking pictures with it, as it will allow you to know more about your camera as well as help you practice various setting modes it has.

2. Know About Location Beforehand

One of the other best practices to perfect your wedding photography skills is to scout the location beforehand. This allows you to gather ideas about what kind of photographs can you click and what sorts of location can you use. This will help you analyze the kind of environment and setting you would be presented and how can you use your environment effectively for clicking great shots. You can always Google the photographs of locations and see how other people in your domain have done their job. Don’t hesitate to learn from others.

3. Once done scouting prepare a shot list

One of the other important points to consider while starting your career as a wedding photographer is to prepare a list of shots which you plan to take on the day of the wedding. You can write every detail about where you will have bride and groom placed, what would be the background, where the image will be taken etc. This way you will be all set with plenty of ideas up your sleeve and if something doesn’t go as planned you can always have something new to try.

4. Learn from An Expert

Before taking up individual projects and starting work as a wedding photographer it is best to assist and work with someone who has already been in this field. Learn the basics of wedding photography and how do such experts conduct photo sessions. Try thinking the same way your mentor does and see how they handle and manipulates their environment and click great images. A destination wedding photographer in Como, Italy, for example can help if you are anywhere near that area.

5. Be Careful with Brides Dressed in White

One of the major errors which many novice photographers do is to not consider appropriate exposure while clicking a bride dressed in white. If you are covering a wedding where the bride has gone conventional and worn a full white dress, be prepared with the location which has enough exposure to capture the glaring white. Poor light conditions will dull the tone of white and hence the image which could have been one of the best you ever clicked will be spoiled in no time.

6. Be Spontaneous

One of the best advices you can get while starting your career as a wedding photographer is to be spontaneous. Yes, you have prepared the list of shots you are going to take, and you have it memorized however the best photos are the ones unplanned. Be on your toes throughout the wedding and click random candid images, don’t just cover the couple, rather you can cover the audience emotions, reactions etc.

7. Be Confident

Yes, you ought to be confident in this profession and have situations under your control. You will be meeting people of influence; however, it is you who has to ask them to pose if you think a shot would be great. You have to believe in yourself and think of yourself as a professional simply doing what he is good at.

Following these 7 tips, we believe you will be able to transform from a novice to ace photographer in no time.