7 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Profile

Employers and HR’s have tried to use various parameters to screen and finalize the best candidate for their company. With passage of time, some parameters go obsolete while some new ones emerge with passage of time. Social media profile is a new parameter that employers are using to check whether an employee suits the job profile that they are offering. And please keep this in mind that social media profile does not imply just the Facebook profile of yours but also various other social media profiles like Google+, Twitter etc. which you possess. So, take good care of all these social media profiles.

Now the question is how you would describe a good social media profile or which type of social media profile would you term as a good one. Does maintaining good social media profile means sharing anything and everything or does it mean sharing only a few things? Is the number of likes on my posts and shares a parameter in determining how good or how bad my social media profile is? Is the number of posts that I share per day on average is a parameter. The answers to all these questions are hidden in the ways in which you can enhance your social media profile. So, let us have a look at some of the ways to improve your social media profile.

1. Maintain Same Profile Photo on All Platforms

In order to maintain your identity, it is very much important to use same profile picture for all social media sites and all the accounts that you possess. Be it the profile of a person or a company, consistency is a proof of genuine. This makes it mandatory for everyone to use the same profile picture across all the platforms so that people can easily identify you on all social media channels and they also have no questions on your genuine nature. So, next time you click a good display picture and you are willing to put it, do it on all the platforms instead of one.

2. Buying Social Media Services

Buying cheap social media services from fb bureau is a good choice to improve your social media profile. You can buy likes, dislikes, views and followers on all kind of social media services, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others. Buying these services may not be of great use when it comes to initial lead conversion but can be of great help later. Once your profile becomes a consistently liked and followed one, people will be eager to look at your profile and what you are offering. So, it will slowly convert into leads. On the other hand, your HR will be impressed at number of people who like what you do and that is definitely going to give you the upper hand. So, opt for buying social media services from fb bureau and see your profile’s value sky rocket.

3. Use Correct Image Sizes

All the social media websites have different ideal image sizes for different kinds of pictures that you use on their platform. Although people often ignore it, it is ideal to maintain and use the correct image sizes for different social media platforms. If you use a size too big, some part of the image that you use might be hidden and it may be the important part as well. On the other hand, if you use a size too small, some colored area will be covering the rest of the space which is allotted for profile pictures. Neither of these two situations is good for your social media profile. So, go through various ideal social media sizes for different social media platform and use images of these sizes only while you change your profile picture next time.

4. Untag From Irrelevant Posts

The quality of posts you are tagged in is a good indicator of the purpose and mission of your social media profile. There are always those notorious friends who tend to have the tendency to tag you on all kinds of funny but irrelevant posts. It should be noted that this decreases the value of your social media profile. So, it is one of the most convenient ways to improve your social media profile.

5. Add Keywords to Your Profile for Good Search Traffic

SEO is an integral part of industry and search traffics are important. Keywords still remain a key player in deciding the search engine ranking and that makes it essential for them to be used wisely. So, add keywords to your profile so that you can get good search traffic.

6. Consistent Handle Names Across All Platforms

Just like consistent profile picture, consistent handle name also holds importance in valuation of social media profile. So, use same name everywhere.

7. Link to Other Social Media Profiles

Link all social media profiles on all the social media profiles you have, so people can look at all of them from a place.

These are some convenient ways to improve your social media profile.