7 Most Iconic Pieces of Danish Furniture

Danish designs are world renowned for their simplicity and great functionality. They are of such great quality that they are some of the most sought after designs in the world of furniture and interior designing. Each design represents something unique and calls out to a specific group of people who have an eye for detail and simplicity.
The Danish designers have always managed to surprise the world with their wonderful designs. Here is a small introduction to some of their most iconic piece in the Danish history.

1. The Egg | Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen is a prominent figure when the talk comes to Danish culture and furniture design. He is one of the most prolific architect and designer of his time and has done tremendous good work.
The egg chair is one such example. It represents one of his most exquisite works. It demonstrates his excellent use of simple curves and designs along with traditional materials.
The egg chair is one of the most exclusive furniture. It was made in limited numbers with each being priced at $ 400,000. This design really stood out amongst other similar furniture designs.

2. The PH lamp | Paul Henningsen

Designed by Paul Henningsen, it represents one of his best designs in light architecture.
The PH lamp has been designed keeping in mind that the original source of light should be hidden. This was one of the staunch theories of Paul which has inspired many of his designs.
The PH lamps turned out to be one of his best designs and earned him various laurels. In the PH series of lamps, the light source is kept hidden with layers of shades.

3. The Y Chair | Hans J. Wegner

The Y chair also goes by the name of Wishbone chair. It was designed by one of the greats in architecture, Hans J. Wegner.
The Y chair has been in production for over fifteen years thanks to its creative designing and excellent construction. It has been one of the most sought after Danish furniture across the globe.
The inspiration for Y chair came to Hans from looking at some classical art of the Ming era.

4. Teddy Bear Chair | Hans J. Wegner (1951)

The Teddy Bear chair represents one of the best examples of craftsmanship and detailing work. The chair serves excellently in its functionality and provides great comfort.
The chair follows a bottom-up building approach which sets it apart. It was prized for its exclusivity more than anything. It received its unique name because of one of the critics who described the chair’s arms to be like that of a bear! This design has continued to be a famed work of Hans, even unto this date.

5. The Swan | Arne Jacobsen (1958)

Jacobsen had outdone himself when it came to designing this impressive furniture piece. It was meant to be casual furniture for lounge areas and restaurants.
It was initially commissioned for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in the year of 1958.
The Swan has all the basics of Jacobsen’s design. It reflects his demand for simplicity and creating something unusual out of simple straight lines and curves.
Its construction was quite simple too. Its synthetic mold with a soft layer of foam upholstered in leather or fabric.

6. The Caravaggio Lamp | Cecile Manz

The Caravaggio is an excellent example of Danish minimalist functionalism using simple designs. Its designer Manz had created a brilliant furniture piece ensuring that the light never hit anyone directly.
This philosophy makes it a great piece in any corner of the house. This kind of lighting design really put Cecile on the map of famous designers. It provides an excellent source of lighting and at the same time, it makes the room classy.
The inspiration for this lamp has come from some examples of mid-century Italian minimalist designs.

7. The Margrethe Bowl | RostiMepal

This bowl is considered to be one of the best designed bowls ever. In fact, this simple and modest bowl has managed to survive in this world for quite some time.
It was named after the Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. It is a true symbol of Danish innovative design and simplicity.
In terms of functionality this bowl has reached the top. This bowl combines various Scandinavian design principles making it a very creative piece.

These above-mentioned articles are some of the most widely used and famed designs. They carry the true essence of Danish designs which makes them a great household or office piece.
You should definitely think about getting some of these for your own haven!