7 Effective Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

When Instagram was launched, it was just a fun application for kids to share photos with their social group. But soon Instagram grew into a popular online marketing platform with serious and strategically planned content for building marketing and network.

Instagram is among the top social media sites with more than 200 million members that are actively contributing to the site per month. Now, this is a huge stat and a very lucrative platform to promote or market any business or activity.

In a recent study, it was concluded that the average engagement rate of the audience by brands that promote using social media is the highest on Instagram. Well, that’s some good number, and you definitely can ignore it.

But this is not the end of it, even if you are an established brand or a startup you have more potential to engage and promote on Instagram than you could imagine. How? By getting more followers to your page; remember followers are those that keep coming back to your page for more, so take special care of your Instagram followers.

So here are some amazing and effective ways of getting more Instagram followers that you can apply to gain the market attention.

  1. Promote your hashtags: It’s good that you have chosen an exciting hashtag for your brand, but you need to use it on different platforms for people to know it. Take it similar to promoting your products and services. Promote your hashtag on different mediums like Facebook, Twitter, signboards, TV or radio.
  2. Use creative hashtags: If you want to capture your audience use creative and intriguing hashtags. Go beyond the obvious, like use sum pun or slack along with other meaningful words.
  3. Contribute to famous conversation: When you use your hashtags on the popular conversation, you are inviting interested people to look up for your hashtags. Use of long tail keyword hashtag can play a functional role here apart from using the obvious ones.
  4. Give a descriptive caption: It’s true that a great picture speaks for itself, but a good description of the pictures complete the message. Every photo has a story behind it. Use your creative imagination and a good explanation to bring out that as a caption for your Instagram post.
  5. Making the best out of bio url: Having your Instagram profile bio being linked to your website forever is like, sad. Seriously if you need more like change that bio url at least every two weeks and link it to the most popular post. This will bring life to your profile and generate traffic to your link.
  6. Do influential marketing: Identify critical patterns or people on Instagram that you think are potential influencers to your business and keep up in conversation with them. Interact and be a part of a community that you keno’s will generate more likes for your posts.
  7. Delete tagged photos you don’t want on your profile: Apart from posting pictures with great hashtags you also need to delete or remove unwanted images that were tagged to you. It is like cleaning up your home, eliminating unwanted tagged photos will clean up your page and make room for fresh content that can lure prospect follower services.

Well, if you take care of these seven aspects, you are sure to generate lot more likes and real Instagram followers on your page; remembers being original and creative at the same time helps a lot. People are always on the search for fresh and unique hashtags and photos that can create a trend.

If you keep your followers engaged with new hashtags, creative captions, and photos that will surely stick to your page and keep turning back to get some more of it every day