6 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Over the years Instagram has become the King of social media. In fact, it has even broken previous records of social media engagement. The craze people have for Instagram is unparalleled to any other social media app as of today.

Massive rate of people’s engagement has made it a viable platform for marketing. Brands are now shifting to Instagram for getting more exposure and business. Here are few tips to help you get more out of Instagram.

1. Begin with your existing contacts

First of all, you need to connect your other social media accounts with Instagram. It will instantly transfer your existing contacts to Instagram. The connections on your other social media accounts are perhaps already interested in what you have been doing, and it is easier to tempt them. You can start posting more interesting pictures on Instagram to get them engaged.

You should right away start connecting these accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Email List

This will help your Instagram account to get off the ground handsomely by getting existing user base.

2. Realize the power of Hashtags

To gain more followers, likes and shares, you need to use effective and popular hashtags. This will attract more views on the picture and visitors on your profile. Remember one thing—these hashtags have to be in sync with your targeted audience.

When you have a focused hashtag printed on your pamphlets, billboards, or pictures in your of social media accounts–your followers can easily reach out to you on Instagram.

3. Following is equally important as followers

You need to keep in touch with people and pages relevant to your industry. This will obviously get you more exposure and help you get real comments on your Instagram posts. Remember that social media interaction has to be a double ended interaction as it will be more beneficial for your page and help you get a good following.

So, keep on following relevant pages, like posts relevant to your interests and don’t forget to comment too. This is because commenting on posts is more likely to get you a follow back as it leaves a greater impact. So, get in the habit of liking and commenting on more and more posts as this will increase your Instagram followers list.

4. Get onto the tagging mode

Tagging is also very important to get the required attention of the people you are targeting. A tag is so likely to get you shares, likes, comments and this way you can also focus on the people and pages you are targeted on.

Also, geo-tagging is an important element to help you build up your precise fan base.

Suppose, you are a retail store, then geo-tagging will bring you closer to people in the same location or if you are a big brand and want to approach people of a specific location, you need to retort to geo-tagging.

5. Make the deal interesting

Do you believe in the phrase that, ‘quality matters more than quantity?’ If you do, then please, implement this philosophy on your Instagram profile too. It is better to have a few posts rather than too many barley likeable posts.

Therefore, make sure that you are posting good pictures that are more likely to be shared. This alone will bring you a high number of followers.

6. Seek to some already popular Instagram accounts

There must be some profiles on Instagram that are already very popular and have followers that you have been focusing on. In that case, you can seek some help from these profiles. These accounts do paid promotions which can help to increase your followers.

So, the above were some ways to get more Instagram followers. We hope this helps you in some way to get even more followers on Instagram.