6 Tips to Rock Vintage Clothing at All Times

Vintage clothing excites many people because of the extent to which it allows you to explore your hidden fashion sense. With a bit of good choices, the vintage look can really turn tables for you.
But many people also have their inhibitions about vintage clothing because they believe it makes them look as if they are wearing a costume of sorts. Now first of all the choice of clothes is yours and you should wear clothes that you love. Second, vintage clothing can be mixed with modern clothing to give you a much realistic feel.

So here are some tips for you to rock the vintage look.

1. Know What To Buy! (Eras)

It is important to a bit of research before going to buy anything. It will allow you to plan your trip and instead of impulse shopping you will end up having a well-balanced wardrobe.
If you are looking around in thrift shops then it better if you know your era that you are going for. It will avoid any random purchases. Also, another important aspect is its quality and condition. Be very wary of purchasing vintage clothing or you might just end up with some really bad condition clothes.

2. Go Classic.

If you are just starting off to buy vintage clothes then it is important that you start with the good old classics. The benefit is that you buy something that looks good in general and will prompt you to wear it regularly. There is no point in buying unique vintage clothes and then later not wearing it even once.
So remember to keep it simple and close to basics. It can be either the Pendelton shirts or the leather jacket or the Converse shoes! When starting it is the best way to go about vintage shopping.

3. It Is About The Fit.

Indeed, vintage clothing is about the fit. It would really be great if you wear well-fitted clothes. Vintage clothes look best when they are fitted well with the person wearing it.
And in case you ae purchasing it from vintage stores then more often than not you might not be able to get your particular size.
But nowadays it is quite simple to tailor your garments to fit along the lines of what you want. So when you are wearing the vintage t-shirt, remember to not make it look baggy or too tight fitting.

4. The Vintage And The Modern.

In order to make sure that you do not look like a time traveler than you opt for the mix-and-match policy. This will keep your look interesting. In fact this mixing of vintage and contemporary styles is how most people rock the vintage look.
If you get the mix right than it will definitely put you on the list of people with an incredible fashion sense. Vintage clothing does not necessarily mean that you look like a joke. It is a great fashion sense that is open to infinite changes crating creative patterns as and when.

5. Pay Attention To The Details.

Detailing is one of the most crucial parts of styling. It allows you to enrich your vintage styles making it an even better addition to your clothing.
Keep an eye out for vintage jewelry. The right pick can really enhance your look making it totally worth your time spent searching. The various accessories will only help in perfecting your vintage style.
Go for the right purses or the worn-out jacket that will add a special touch to your clothing. Vintage footwear can be quite difficult to choose from but you can opt for Hudson’s or Dr. Martens. Both of these looks really good for everyday use.

6. Let It Be You.

This is the most important part of any clothing style that you try on.
Don’t just copy whatever you see around. Know you and decide what suits you best. Any style of clothing should reflect and complement you. It is your style and you should rock it. Let the vintage clothing be your fashion statement leaving the world behind you in awe.
Wear clothes that are comfortable and are really worth your attention. There is no point in wearing clothes that you don’t like.

Vintage clothing is an exciting line of fashion. There are always things to try on which will express you better. So, the best way is to go out and make mistakes. It is a good way to learn. But if you are a perfectionist then do the research and shop smart.