5 Useful dishes for any type of restaurant menu

Waiting to start a new venture? What is it, a restaurant? While you must be really busy thinking about the theme or the décor of the restaurant, what about the menu part? Have you really decided what is going to be on the platter that you will be serving under your restaurant banner?

While the interiors are a crucial thing along with proper hygiene and hospitality, equipments are also very essential. The need for baking ovens can be understood if you are planning to serve baked dishes. However, it is true that good food is something that people will forever remember. So, if you want to keep on attracting the visitors to this place, again and again, time to make your menu the best. How? By adding some of the top delights in the menu list! Read on to know what these delicious items are.

Top 5 Best Platters

Out of so many dishes that can give your restaurant the much needed spark, the five types of dishes have been mentioned below may act to be very useful, once these are included in the menu.

  1. Breakfast Menu: This definitely adds an advantage to your restaurant if you can serve breakfast all day long. While most of the places have a fixed timing for this serving this, you can see a rush of visitors to your place if you provide them this option. Like most of the people prefer bacon and eggs any time of the day. So, you can just create your own version of breakfast menu using this combination. Besides, a sandwich is another such thing, which is liked and eaten by people from all parts of the world. So, you can show your creativity there too.
  2. Rice Bowls: While this is tagged to be an Asian thing, rice bowl, very well fits in all type of American menu. So, have a rice bowl in your menu, added with different types of flavors and serving it in the most convenient way. The bowl can either be a veg or a non-veg platter and you can just adjust it accordingly based on the demand. While considering the population of USA, there are fewer chances of having vegan people. So, a non-veg definitely, with lots of shredded meat, cheese and garnished with some fresh toppings. How about that, huh?
  3. Fried Chicken: Now, this is yet another dish that is liked by all section of people. So, this can definitelybe included in your menu. But making it unique and giving it the touch of your own flavor rests upon you. While fried chicken is considered to be a very simple thing, make it offbeat to grab attention.
  4. Poke: For the love of sea food, visitors are going to enjoy this sea fish dish, which is prepared in sesame oil adding onions, sesame seeds, and jalapeno, finally tossed with soy sauce. While this is a very delicious dish at the same time can have a fish item in your menu.
  5. Shakshuka: Everybody likes this North African dish. Prepared in a broth of tomatoes, it gets it taste from pepper, parsley, cumin along with other herbs and spices. Making it is very easy and the half-boiled eggs on the top, just give it a perfect look too.

Well, you can even have so many things in the dessert sections also. Get a commercial convection oven, which will help you in many preparations. So, know your visitors well and keep on adding new dishes!