5 Things The Ultimate Man Cave Needs

I am sure every man dreams of his own den, his own little kingdom. Some are lucky and get a room for themselves, to do as they please. Some are even luckier and get to rule over the garage or basement but what if there were no limits on space and budget.

I imagined what it would be like if I could do anything I want and put together a list of the five things that the ultimate man cave absolutely should have.

Wife Disposal Unit

Only kidding, the images are of an elevator. I first saw the pictures somewhere on Pinterest and thought it was a concept or something. After a little research it turns out there is a home lifts manufacturer that actually makes these small lifts. I didn’t get a quote but looking around the internet it seems the lift would cost somewhere around $25,000.

If I were to build my dream den, then this would be first on my list. I would upgrade it a little of course, maybe set it up with voice control.

Beam me up Scotty.

Beam me down Scotty.

I still need to work on how to keep the lady out.

Pool Table

What’s a den without a pool table? 

It is hard to make decisions when you have no limitations. I couldn’t really decide what the ultimate pool table should look like, there isn’t much to go on. A pool table needs four legs and a flat surface for the balls to roll on, not much for creative minds to work on. 

Alas, after a lot of searching I came across the Blacklight range from Toulet Billiards one the game. 

The design reminds a little of the German Designer Colani, he wasn’t a big fan of corners. He would say that nature has no corners then why should our designs. The more I look at it the more I love the design. 

For those who are interested, you can get the table in different sizes and colors for around $30,000. 


Actually a screen was the first thing came to my mind when I was imagining my ultimate den, and yes size matters.

If money is not an issue then the sky’s the limit when it comes to buying screens. Since I am a tech guy I wasn’t looking for diamond studded screens to waste my imaginary money. Mainstream brands do offer some impressive devices that can cost well over $100,000 but that is too much off-the-shelf. Bang & Olufsen was an option but their biggest tv is a mere 103” in diagonal, I would think nowadays 160 is the minimum to look for.

I decided to go for C’SEED, they claim to build the world’s largest indoor TV and I’ll take them by their word.

They also have a very cool outdoor TV that I might consider for my imaginary ultimate garden.

Getting back to the indoor TV, the C Seed Blade series comes in four different sizes, 163 inches is the smallest model and the largest TV is a modest 256 inches in diameter. That is an over 200 sq.ft image! I do not know the exact prices but the largest model should be around half a million dollars.

The device as an integrated soundbar with a subwoofer and six 250W speakers integrated. That should be enough for the occasional TV show but a real den needs real speakers which brings us to my next item on my shopping list.


Speakers are a toughy, there is no objective way to rate speakers according to their specs, especially if we are talking about high-end speakers. For my untrained ears any speaker over a few thousand dollars will sound fantastic.

I am not a fan of digitally enhancing loudspeakers, so I went for a small German manufacturer that was founded by a musician, Burkhardtsmaier. They only have one speaker model, the BB-08, so it is safe to assume that they put a lot of thought and energy into making it perfect. For a price tag of $356,000, that must be a lot of time and energy.


Last but not least a perfect man cave needs a perfect throne, not only the toilet type, although that is important too.

To be honest I couldn’t find anything really extravagant that I would want to buy. I have a la-z-boy that I really like and there is not much more a good chair needs. I suppose I could ask them to make me a custom super-duper massaging recliner.

Although I would buy a Predator Thronos

If I am saving on the chair then I can give out an extra $30,000 for a gaming chair. That seems only fair.