5 Steps to Winning on LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn can be used to increase your chances of landing a better job or scoring your first professional one. It has been estimated that almost 70% of all job recruiters use LinkedIn when looking for qualified candidates for their companies. By creating a professional LinkedIn page that highlights your talents, education, and achievements, you can catch the eye of recruiters and secure job interviews. Below are some tips to help you create a professional and catchy LinkedIn page that will increase your chances of being noticed by recruiters.

The first thing you should do is customize your URL webpage. This can be easily done editing your public profile. You will stand out more if you have a unique URL on LinkedIn. Next, you should make sure you have a professional photo. A headshot where you are dressed in professional attire is a good idea. Another good idea for LinkedIn photos is to include a photo of yourself at work.

Be sure to include your location which includes your city, state, and country. A large number of recruiters are specifically looking for candidates in their area. By adding your location to your LinkedIn page, you will be more likely to get contacted by recruiters. Profile headlines should be catchy and creative. Don’t make them sound generic. It should grab the attention of the reader and make them want to continue reading your profile.

If you want to include a background summary, then be sure to divide it up into multiple paragraphs. This will make it easier to read. You can also use lists or bullets to highlight special skills, experience or achievements that you have had in your career and education.

Networking is important when looking for work. You should try and join communities that are related to your field and be active in them if possible. Connect with fellow professionals and ask for referrals from customers, colleagues or professors. All of this will make you more attractive as a candidate.

Be sure to list any skills you have as well. Try to include at least 5. The more skills you have the more likely it is your profile will be looked at and that you will be called in for an interview. Finally, you should try and publish content such as a blog or article that showcases your expertise, interest or support for various causes and fields. This can help establish credibility and viewership to your profile.

LinkedIn is now being increasingly used by job recruiters when researching candidates. Creating a standout and professional personal LinkedIn page will give you an edge when you are looking for a job. It can even result in recruiters contacting you on their own. The tips described above are excellent starting points to creating a professional and unique LinkedIn page that will help you land that next job.

Courtesy of: OnStride Financial