5 Simple Tips About Cat Caring

If you asked me a couple of years back on how to take care of a cat, I would’ve said ‘Give it lots and lots of love!’ and that’s it. Even though loving your pet is very important, there is more to your cat than being an animal, you have to treat it like a family member.

Thanks to pages like Cats Are on Top and suggestions from close cat-lovers, I got myself a funny little baby and take care of it very vigilantly. So here are some tips to help you with caring for your cat:

Get your Cat Used to the Litter Box

Depending on where you got your cat fro and some other reasons, your cat might not be used to using the litterbox at first. Make sure you train it to take care of its business there. Place it in a quiet corner where no one will disturb the cat so that it doesn’t get nervous. Every time your cat shows signs of wanting to take care of its business, carry it to the litter box till it gets used to it. Cats don’t usually dirty floors and such by defecating; so if it does, it might be sick and you need to get that checked.

Give Your Cat a Scratching Post

If you don’t get your cat a scratching post, you can kiss your pretty sofas and curtains goodbye. This is because cats love a good scratch and they don’t really know how much you are spending on your furniture.

Be Vigilant about What you Feed Your Cat

If you have adopted a cat that has special needs, you need to consult your vet about what to feed it. If not, you need to see what it likes and get it used to it. Most people use processed foods that are either dry or canned. Try feeding it samples of all the variety you can get and see how it responds. Also, try using a good brand to keep it from being sick.

Give Your Cat all the Necessary Trips to the Vet

Try to get your cat spayed or neutered anytime you can. This will prevent them from urinating on any surface and will also reduce their urges to wander off in random places to satisfy themselves.

Take your cat to the vet for an annual checkup even if it feeling alright. See if there are any shots the cat might need to take and be regular about them. As soon as you see your cat being lethargic or behaving in a weird way, or if you see some rash or weird skin condition, take it to the vet.

Groom Your Cat Regularly

It is important to brush your cat’s hair regularly, depending on how long it is. This will keep the cat from shedding too much all over your furniture. Try to brush its teeth as well since cats can also get bad breath and other mouth conditions.