5 Classic Signs That You Are In A Committed Relationship

Conventional labels of ‘partner, ‘boyfriend,’ or ‘girlfriend’ are not what determines the seriousness of your relationship. Even though you like someone and they like you back, the intensity is what matters when it comes to ascertaining whether you are merely addicted or committed to someone. You can check out https://www.liebesmeer.de that provides an insight into classic signs of being in love. So, when you are struggling with looking out for ways to find out how serious the other person is, keep a keen eye on the relationship dynamics and watch out for the following signs in your relationship to know for sure that you are in a committed one.

1. The Future Plans

When a person is genuinely serious about his or her significant other, there is plenty of room for plans. When a couple makes plans for the future together, they are in a situation that they imagine themselves to be with their partner beyond the time they are making plans. When you are single, all your decisions are based on your convenience. But when two people start to base their choices taking into account how they will affect you as a couple, you have moved past the phase of being unsure and are in a committed relationship.

2. Going Out Of The Way For Each Other

Being a helpful person, in general, is different than going out of the way to ensuring someone’s comfort and happiness. No matter how generous you are as a person when your partner’s happiness becomes one of the critical priorities of your life, you should know that you both are headed somewhere. In this case, there is no room for being selfish. Instead, you don’t feel happy when your partner isn’t in high spirits. Call it being codependent if you want, but when your partner’s feelings start to determine how you feel, you are in an excellent place in your relationship.

3. The Fights Are Not Nasty

Do you remember your first fight? The yelling and ego clashes, being defensive, it is hard to forget. But when you have moved past that phase of being unsure and insecure about your relationship, the dynamics of the fights change. Let’s face it, there are ups and downs in every relationship, even between parents and children. You are bound to get into arguments when you spend a significant amount of time with someone. But the way you both deal with a spat determines how dangerous you are for each other. If your partner goes out of their way to hurt you to prove themselves right, then it is a red flag. When committed couples fight, instead of getting defensive all the time, they focus on how to get out of the unpleasant situation.

4. The Kids Talk

A more profound version of making future plans is when your partner talks to you about having children together. We hear many couples deciding the next 20 years of their lives and laugh at them. Say what you may, when a couple plans how many kids they want, what their kids’ names are going to be, what schools are suitable for them, the gesture itself indicates a fairy tale ending for the couple, no matter how silly this sounds.

5. The Priority List

Even if you have not had conversations and cheesy talks of being soulmates, your partner making you one of his top priorities is a classic sign that you are in a committed relationship. When he devotes a significant time of his day talking to you over the phone or meeting with you, it’s clear that you have made your way through his priority list. When he never fails to maintain the balance between spending time with his buddies, family, and you, you should know that you are far from a temporary fling.

The exhilarating uncertainty can seem a little daunting when you are secure in a relationship and know that you are in love. It is okay to feel uncertain when it comes to getting to know a new person. Not everyone will say out loud that they are committed due to public apprehensions regarding how the other person will react. But when you start witnessing some of the signs mentioned above, you can relax a bit and rest assured that you and your partner are not a lost cause.