4 Disadvantages of Social Media That Cannot Be Ruled Out

In the fast-paced world where technology has its own advantages and disadvantages, social media happens to top the list when it comes to usage statistics. The number of people using the social media platforms is too high, and it is not only limited to the younger generation anymore. People of every age group now are inclined to the extensive use of social media by default; thanks to the cheaper devices and easy availability of the data services! The digital platforms rule the world like no other thing in the tech world, and so it’s vital that we know about details the pros and cons of it.

Though there are so many advantages of using social media, the disadvantages are no less! Let us discuss some of them below:

  • It’s time consuming– It may seem a less critical factor but the amount of time people spend on the social sites are actually much higher than usual. Not that they spend all their time in just one of those sites, there are so many social sites available in today’s times and people are sincerely active on all of them to keep themselves entertained all throughout. The youngsters are more into wasting time than the grown-ups as they merely have any responsibilities to fulfil. The excessive usage of the social sites proves that it eats up a lot of time of the individuals using it and somehow affects their personal and professional lives to a greater extent.
  • People face abuses online– Online bullying and abuses are part of all the social sites, and it refuses to die down in spite of all the measures taken by the cybercrime cells. The wrongdoers just need a way to reach the victims and thereby abuse them through insensitive comments or impervious approaches. The women are the easy preys in online harassment cases as the perverts target them in these social sites as they can easily hide their real identities till they are subjected to any judicial complaint. That is why it’s necessary that we all take preventive measures like privacy controls and other such things to keep us safe from the online harassments.
  • Execution of Criminal intentions– Many criminal motives is executed through the online platforms. People trap the strangers and lure them with visibly good approaches and end up dumping them of their money. Moreover, they also make fake promises to start a relationship and then plan something brutal when their wishes are not fulfilled. Beware of these cons in these platforms.
  • It works drastically towards tempting people– Every social media is full of fake news or some news that can tempt people to a greater extent. The culprits use it as a weapon to instigate people to form riots or hurl abuses at each other by spreading the fake news about the respective communities.

The importance of social media in our lives is indeed many, but we cannot ignore the fact that t causes us significant harms too. Nowadays, people remain so busy in almost all the social platforms that they even neglect their personal lives for the sake of it. So many instances occur where the reason of fight between spouses or other members of the family occurs due to over usage of social media, but it seems that this is long away from dying down. Nowadays the usage of social media is not only limited to chatting and making friends, but it is also used efficiently for marketing purposes and other utilities. Thus, we need to be careful about how we use the social sites; for our convenience or for exploiting it!