3 Things that Make a Retirement Residence a Great Place to Live

If you have an older family member who’s thinking about moving into a retirement residence, it’s important to find a retirement residence that they will love. Increasingly, it’s a move you can make at many stages. There is a growing number of retirement residents that are designed for independent living across North America. They are excellent places for seniors who are independent, but don’t want to have to deal with cooking, cleaning, shoveling the snow, or paying for maintenance on their homes. They can provide care as needed and evolve with you; but most importantly, they offer a great retirement community where seniors can make friends and enjoy life.

Senior Woman Winning Game Of Bingo In Retirement Home

As a family, you should discuss all the options available and think about some of the top qualities that define a better retirement residence.

#1 Accessibility & Dementia Care

Accessibility for persons with disability or limited mobility is non-negotiable in a retirement residence. That means ramp-accessibility, signs and directions that include Braille, elevators, and ideally, grounds or surroundings that are maintained throughout the year, including snow removal. Suites should also be taken into consideration, especially the bathroom. Bathroom fixtures like walk-in bathtubs allow seniors with arthritis and reduced mobility to continue to live independently.

You can learn about retirement residences currently receiving grants to improve accessibility and dementia care for seniors with multi-sensory therapeutic rooms and other initiatives.

#2 Flexible, Quality Care

One great quality of a senior home living centre is the availability of flexible, quality care. When seniors move into a retirement residence, they are often leaving a home where they have spent many years. No one wants to make that move again.

A retirement residence should be a place where you feel like you can stay for good, put down roots, make friends with the neighbors, and enjoy your retirement. As your care needs increase, you shouldn’t have to move again.

Flexible care means that nursing staff, personal support workers, and staff who can assist with those with dementia – including providing dementia therapies such as music therapy and multi-sensory therapeutic rooms – are available.

#3 Great Communities

Just as important as accessibility and care is a retirement residence with a great community. When you’re looking for retirement residences, you want to find senior home living centers they will love, with great food, great neighbors, and plenty of ways to stay active and healthy.

Look for retirement residences that offer physical activity programs every day. Low impact exercise like Aquafit, chair yoga, and dancing are great ways to improve balance, cardiovascular health, bone and muscle strength, and more. An emphasis on balance can help seniors as they age. As people get older, arthritis and other conditions mean they can no longer rely on quick reflexes and strong bones if they slip. That puts them at greater risk of a fall. Make sure active living is an important aspect of any senior home living centre you consider.

Downsizing to a retirement home is a major decision. Take the time to do your research and ensure that as a family you choose the right place.