3 Fun Career Choices

When you think of a career in business, you may think of financial success (good!) and you may think of office drones sitting at desks pushing paper all day (not so good!). We’re conditioned to think this way about business. Artists make art and musicians make music, but businesspeople, to many of us, don’t do anything specific or wonderful: they just handle the logistics and the paper and the boring money stuff. They’re well rewarded for it (ah, those fat cats!), but they live boring lives. Right?

Wrong! Business is what you make of it. If you develop great core business skills, you’ll be valuable in a wide range of industries – and that means that you’ll be able to work on all sorts of different things. Business skills can allow you to follow your passion to the job of your dreams. Here are just a few quirky and fun businesses that are hiring right now – follow your heart to the best one for you.


Want to see the world? Well, good news – business often involves traveling. And it really involves traveling if you go to work for one of the many companies that specializes in getaways. Airlines, cruise ship operators, resorts, and other businesses rely on people traveling to make money. Working for one of these types of companies could mean lots of travel, and you’ll also be working in an industry designed to help people have fun. If you end up on the business side of an operation like the Disney theme parks, you’ll work hard – but you’ll also have a lot of fun, and you’ll be part of a joyful thing that you can really believe in.


Yes, marijuana. It’s legal now! (Well, in a few states, anyway.) And legal businesses need, well, businessmen and businesswomen.

The legal marijuana industry is attracting professionals from all over. There are cannabis lawyers and MBA graduates running dispensaries in Washington State. There are folks in suits and ties as well as folks in tie-dyes. So if marijuana sounds like your idea of a good time, there’s no reason you can’t get serious about the weed business.


Sports are entertainment, but they’re also a big business. And the right background – such as an MBA in sports management or a history of working with promotional and entertainment ventures – can get you a gig with a local team. Sports teams need good people just like any other business would. They need HR staff and payroll staff and PR professionals and all of that stuff. It’s always nice to work with a business that creates something you love, and if you love amazing sports moments, a professional team will fit the bill. It’s just one more way that you can have fun with serious business.