WhatsApp to Get Larger Emojis, Music Sharing and Video Calling

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is all set for a radical revamp. According to a report published on a German website, Mackerkopf, the popular cross-platform messaging app is set to offer a host of new features that users will totally love.

The upcoming features in the list of WhatsApp for iOS includes support for larger emoji, music sharing, public groups and mentions.

Screegrab of the new features added to Whatsapp. (Photo Courtesy: Mackerkopf)

The upcoming features are available in Whatsapp’s iOS beta in which users can share songs with their contacts. Additionally, users will be able to share music stored locally as well as from Apple Music. The recipient will see album art as well as a music icon. Currently shared audio files do not have this functionality.

Another new feature to find its way to the latest beta version of WhatsApp for IOS is gif support. However, general WhatsApp for iOS users haven’t received gif support so far.

WhatsApp also appears to have added larger emojis, following in Apple’s footsteps. Apple recently unveiled larger emojis with iOS 10. According to the reports, the size of these emojis will be three times larger than regular ones.

There are also rumours that WhatsApp will support video calling. A recent report in AndroidPit claims that they have received screenshots from users on the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS that show a video call button at the top of the chat.

Whatsapp is becoming more and more an all rounder, putting pressure on the competition. I don’t know what their plans are, but after getting us hooked they will have to start making money somehow and that is where FaceBook will want to cash in on their investment.