World’s largest Rubik’s Cube has 1539 pieces

Being touted as the world’s largest cube puzzle, this behemoth is just about the most mind-bendingly challenging thing we’ve ever seen.

This puzzle, which has not yet been officiated as the world record holder, was created by Oskar van Deventer. What’s even as interesting as the puzzle itself is the fact that it was all created with a 3D printer.

So, van Deventer ended up printing out each of the more than 1,500 pieces separately, then had to dye each and every one of them and finally assemble them together to get what you see above.

The creator said he had been challenged more than two years ago to create the world’s most complex puzzle cube, and this is the result.

In total, it took him 10 hours to dye everything and five hours to put it all together. That’s what you call dedication.

The total cost of parts was $2,000, and that doesn’t include the cost of the 3D printer which van Deventer has used on other puzzle creations.

The giant cube will be put on display in New York City on February 12 at an annual games and puzzles trade show.