Walking, talking, female robot playing to Japan right now

Chicago (IL) – A popular song once asked, “Does she walk? Does she talk? Does she come complete?” referring, of course, to an old high-school girlfriend. But the reality now being seen is an era where science fiction has change into hard reality. Boffins at the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology have created an android-like robot with amazing life-like abilities.

The humanoid robot is capable of realistic “human” facial expressions. She can smile, pout, show anger and even look shocked and surprised. It is said the bot is one of the most advanced robots in the world. She will even appear in a Tokyo fashion show.

Unlike the fem bot Cherry 2000 (making of), a pleasure enriched at home wife replacement and who had an ability to cook, clean, and be an overall excellent wife, developers say that their “cybernetic human” is not quite ready to help out with the daily chores, or even work side by side with other humans.

The £150,000 bot (US$210,000), deemed HRP-4C, is 5’2 inches tall — about the same height of many fashion models of Japan. She weighs less than 100 pounds, and has black hair. She is different from the majority of fashion models in that she utilizes 30 internal motors to walk and talk. Eight motors are devoted to creating life-like facial expressions. She also appears to be wearing a spacesuit.

HRP-4C will debut on March 23 during the Tokyo fashion show; she will have to appear by herself rather than alongside human models due to health and safety issues.

Developed for the entertainment industry the bot is currently not for sale. Her robotic framework, without a face will be sold for about $200,000. The technology to program the bot will be made available to the public so that others can develop actions, moves, and expressions on their own.

It’s unlikely the current model will be viewed as a sexual robot though if only due to her name, HRP-4C, which is eerily close to Herpes Simplex 4.

Scientists say developing the bot was a challenge. Other robots such as these with human-like faces have been tested as receptionists. There is a growing trend to develop robots which are useful in a social settings and in caring for the elderly, and sick.

Japan has spearheaded robotics technology, and the government continues to push the industry as a way of growth.

See HRP-4C in action:

(Can’t see the video? Try this YouTube link.)

Another view:

(Can’t see the video? Try this YouTube link.)