Tiger Woods scandal good news for UK scientist

While Tiger Woods hides under the bed hoping the world would go away after a veritable tsunami of revelations broke over his rather complicated private life, a teacher at a British university has received an unexpected boost in sales of one of his books.

After Woods – a brilliant putter, but a crap driver – smacked his SUV into a tree and a fire hydrant, investigators found a copy of John Gribbin’s 1999 book, Get a Grip on Physics, lying on the floor of the Cadillac.

As a result, the book shot up from a Google rank of 396,224 to 2,268 – even though it is currently out of print.

A check this morning showed two used copies of the paperback were available at an eye-watering $75 a pop.

Gribbin, a lecturer at the University of Sussex said he was ‘delighted’ at the news:

“I’m delighted that anybody’s reading my books. I just wish it was one that’s still in print. It’s not a book you sit down and read from cover to cover,” said Gribbin. “You can dip in and out of it. Tiger Woods is absolutely my target audience. He’s busy, hasn’t got a lot of time, but wants to catch up on what’s happening in physics.”

Gribbin’s best-known book is a work on quantum physics titled In Search of Schrödinger’s Cat, and his latest book is In Search of the Multiverse, which looks at the possibility of alternate realities.

“Perhaps Woods is looking for a universe in which none of this ever happened,” suggested a mischievous Gribbin.