The Science Behind Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals have become a need. In fact, most number of people are so much used to this object that they wouldn’t be able to live well without it. Garbage disposals always help to keep the kitchen clean and fresh. It further helps in the reduction of all kinds of harmful bacteria from entering into your kitchen and thus keeps everything neat and clean.

The science of garbage disposal is not a rocket science and the entire functioning of this object is very easy to perform. There is a little care and maintenance involved and this is the reason a garbage disposal is also considered to be one of the most durable objects of your kitchen.

Functioning of a garbage disposal:

A number of people are of an opinion that a garbage disposal functions like a blender as there are spinning blades that chop and further break down the waste. However, in reality, the functioning of a garbage disposal is entirely different. There aren’t any blades involved in the functioning of this disposal. On the contrary, there are impellers that are mounted on a spinning plate which use a centrifugal force which further forces the particles of food waste against a stationary grind ring.

The grind ring further helps to break down the food into minute particles and this process also help to virtually liquefy them. Once they are ground well, the water running into the machine flushes the particles via a grinding ring and the same comes out of the disposer to eventually reach into the waste water wipe.

From there, the same waste flows either into your waste water treatment plant or your septic system.


In order to make your best garbage disposal more durable, it is very important to keep it clean. The damages such as glass, rubber objects, metals, highly fibrous food materials, pits, leaves as well as large bones are to be physically removed out of the machine.

You can clean your garbage disposal following a number of ways and means:

  • Clearing items from the disposal:

You must turn off the fuse which regulates the power into your disposal before starting with the process of cleaning. You can use tongs and pliers in order to remove the non-disposable items stuck therein.

  • Cleaning the grinding elements using rock salt and ice:

Combine two cups of ice cubes with a cup of rock start and make an amazing cure for garbage disposals. Fill the entire disposal with the cubes and pour the salt over the same. Run cold water and turn on the disposal for a period of 5-10 seconds. It would help in knocking the sludge and debris off.

  • Clearing the drain line:

It is very important to keep the drain line clean post removing all the sludge and debris. This makes sure that all kinds of dislodged items would drain off easily. You can fill the sink with 4 inches of water and then remove the drain plug to turn on the garbage disposal.

  • Refreshing up the disposal using citrus peels:

Use the citrus peels of lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit to freshen up the sink and make it smell good.

Wanting a garbage disposal? Get the best one and maintain your kitchen in its cleanest state.