Swine flu shot likely causes narcolepsy in children study says

People around the world thought a simple vaccination would save their children from the H1N1 virus. Parents in Finland are finding out that the shot that was supposed to save their children might actually be harming them instead.

According to a press release by Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare, THL, children injected with the Pandemrix swine flu vaccine were nine times more likely to contract narcolepsy than those who were not vaccinated. Their figures are taken from a preliminary study conducted by THL.


“Currently, the most likely explanation is that the increase in narcolepsy is by joint effect of the vaccine and some other factor(s),” THL said.


The health institute strongly expressed in its preliminary study that more investigation was needed, but said young people aged four to 19 had a “manifold increased risk of falling ill with narcolepsy” if they had been shot up against swine flu with Pandemrix.


According to PhysOrg.com Finland launched a militant inoculation program to fight the H1N1 virus in 2009, but last August THL recommended stopping the use of Pandemrix until it could study whether it was linked to a significant rise in the instance of reported narcolepsy cases in the country, especially with children.


Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder which leads to extreme fatigue and often results in the patient falling into a dead sleep without warning, even in the middle of an activity. Doctors in Finland stated that there was a more than tripling of narcolepsy cases during the swine flu scaremongering.


THL said “the risk of falling ill with narcolepsy among those vaccinated in the 4-19 years age group was nine-fold in comparison to those unvaccinated in the same age group.”

Data from hospitals shows that new child narcolepsy cases in Finland increased from seven in 2007 to 16 in 2008 to 60 during the swine flu pandemic in 2009-2010.


Fifty-two of the latest cases, or 90 percent, happened in youths who had received the Pandemrix vaccine, THL said, they also added that no changes in the number of cases were observed in children under four or youth over 19 years of age.


“The observed association (with the vaccine) is so evident that it is unlikely that other so-called confounding factors could fully explain the phenomenon,” THL said.


As of now an unusual spike in narcolepsy patients has only been observed in Finland and Sweden. In Iceland there is some weirdness going on because narcolepsy cases among youth increased, but this was not restricted to those who were needled against swine flu, said THL.


The final report from the National Narcolepsy Task Force will be released by 31st August 2011.

On a happier note, at least the powerful pharmaceutical companies made billions of dollars off the swine flu “epidemic”. Go corporatism!