Raytheon designs advanced GPS controls

The US Air Force has selected Raytheon to design an advanced control segment that is expected to significantly improve the accuracy of information originating from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites.

When completed, the advanced control segment (OCX) will boast sophisticated anti-jam capabilities, along with improved reliability and upgraded security protocols. 

The GPS, a satellite-based radio navigation system for the military and the public, comprises three major segments: the user segment, the space segment and the control segment, which includes a master control station and ground antennas.

According to Raytheon spokesperson Bob Canty, the OCX will “dramatically affect” GPS command, control and mission capabilities by making it easier for the operations team to run the current GPS block II and all future GPS satellites.

“The OCX concept was created to separate the control and space segments,” explained Canty.

“Technologies were evolving so rapidly and were so critical to execution that specialized skills were needed. The GPS wing saw the same need for specialized expertise on GPS OCX.”