Couple plans world’s first zero-gravity wedding

Cape Canaveral, Florida – It’s not unusual to get a funny feeling in your stomach when you get married – but for one couple it’s a virtual certainty. The pair are to become the first bride and groom to get married in zero gravity.

The New York City-based couple, Noah Fulmor and Erin Finnegan, have apparently both been nuts about space since they were children. “When we started talking about marriage, Noah joked that we should have our wedding ‘in space,'” Finnegan said. “Although most girls would take this to mean Noah didn’t want to get married, I knew he was sincere, and that this was a serious request.”

The wedding will take place at the Kennedy Space Center on Saturday June 20, one of Zero Gravity Corporation’s weightless flights on a specially modified Boeing 747. Several friends and family members will be there, bouncing off the walls even without the benefit of a bottle or two of bubbly.

The wedding will be officiated by Richard Garriott, the sixth private explorer in history to go to space and the first second-generation US astronaut. He’ll have to talk fast: the flight only allows for eight minutes of weightlessness.

Fulmor and Finnegan plan to re-broadcast the ceremony on their website.