British space mission takes the biscuit

Cheddar, UK – British cheesemakers are at this moment on a dash across southern England to discover whether they have successfully put a chunk of Cheddar where no cheese has gone before.

The team is in hot pursuit of what it hopes is its missing space capsule. “We may have some exciting news very soon,” launch engineer Dom Lane told TG Daily.

The stunt, by cheesemakers West Country Farmhouse, involved attaching the cheese, along with a GPS tracking device and a digital camera, to a weather balloon.

It was expected to reach a height of 19 miles, take a picture of the cheese alongside the curve of the earth, and then float back down with a parachute.
After a successful launch early this morning, the capsule’s tracking device failed. It is now believed to be in a field somewhere in south-east England. In case the present sighting turns out to be a mistake, the designers are appealing to the public to keep an eye out for it so that they can establish whether it reached its goal or if it has created a large grater on re-entry.

The team said the £1,000 space mission was intended to commemorate the first landing on the moon 40 years ago – and perhaps persuade NASA to take proper cheese on future missions, rather than powdered or liquid stuff.

We’ll keep you posted on this vital mission.