Scientology founder exposed as fake

London, UK – Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard made up his qualifications along with his religion, as shown by secret documents released to the Times.

Hubbard bought a sham college and then awarded himself a PhD from it, according to files released by the National Archives after a request by the paper under the Freedom of Information Act.

Back in 1968, Scientologists threatened to sue the British government for libel, after it banned followers from entering the country. To defend itself, the government started gathering evidence that Hubbard was a fake.

In a signed statement amongst the documents, one of Hubbard’s collaborators wrote: “The position is L Ron Hubbard [and others] acquired premises somewhere in Los Angeles which they had registered as a university called Sequoia and immediately awarded each other doctorates.”

Whitehall officials followed up on this with the British Consulate in Los Angeles. They were told: “[Sequoia] is a ‘will of the wisp’ organisation which has no premises and does not really exist. It has not and never had any authority whatsoever to issue diplomas or degrees and the dean is sought by the authorities ‘for questioning’.”

The Scientologists, who number Tom Cruise amongst their numbers, have some pretty groovy beliefs. Apparently, we’re all aliens who have lived before on other planets, and paying Hubbard’s crew loads and loads of money will bring liberation.