Scientists discover a cure for the hellish hangover

After a lonnngggg night of drinking, it seems like everyone has their own hangover cure. Some vow to never drink again, whereas others take a more homeopathic approach.

Whether it’s two dashes of bitters and some Sprite, greasy food, or the hair of the dog, new findings show that the real “cure” may be good old coffee and aspirin.

Wait… that’s it? What about drinking water with lemon mixed with cranberry juice upside down?

What about children’s Pedialyte mixed with beer? Or my infamous 2400 calorie meal fix?

We all know the worst aspect of a hangover is the splitting headache that makes you regret being born, but according to new research, scientists claim the simple combination of caffeine and a painkiller can save your will to live.

Researchers found that caffeine combined with the anti-inflammatory ingredients of aspirin reacted against the chemical compounds found in ethanol, or in laymen’s terms, all of the alcohol you drank last night in the form of shots, bombs, and mixed drinks.

Professor Michael Oshinsky of Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia found this bit of science gold by inducing headaches in rats using small amounts of ethanol. After giving them doses of caffeine and anti-inflammatories, he found that it blocked all headaches.

Professor Oshinsky told the journal New Scientist “none of the commonly cited causes of hangovers could have caused this response”.

He also debunked the common myth that alcohol causes dehydration.

Since the rats he induced with alcohol weren’t dehydrated at all, the professor was also able to debunk the myth that coffee is indeed evil and will further dehydrate your hot mess hungover self.

Like I always said, coffee cures all!

Thank you professor for spending your days helping us find a cure to the hangover. For this, we salute you.

(Via Telegraph)