Scientist predicts brain downloads

A top scientist claims that it will soon be possible to back up your brain and download yourself into your PC.

Bruce Katz, who is a lecturer in artificial intelligence at the University of Sussex in the UK, told H+ magazine that the world is on the cusp of a broad neuro-revolution. He said that neuroengineering is rapidly advancing from perceptual aids such as cochlear implants to devices that will enhance and speed up thought.

He said that one day it will be possible to free the mind from its bound state in the body to a ‘platform independent existence’.

Katz said that it is easier to enhance creativity than it is pure intelligence.  Intelligence appears to be an unwieldy collection of processes, and creativity is more akin to a state. But he said that humans will not have to rely on nature to produce the one-in-a-million combination of a high IQ and creative insight – it will be possible to build it on neural substrates.

He said that the goal of this new brain technology is to free of the limitations of the human brain.

Evolution has taken the brain so far but seems have stopped short in the design department. He said the average brain had short term memory limits and held as much long term data as a PC hard drive in 1990. While the brain was a good parallel processing system, each neuron had a slow processor.

Katz said that the best thing was to download the brain into an upgraded machine. Some of these should be around in a few decades, he predicted.

Freeing the mind from this limited, albeit remarkable, organ will allow us to manipulate thought directly, and this will produce the most gains in intelligence, creativity, and in achieving harmony with other sentient beings and the universe as a whole, he said.