Project will ‘virtually raise’ the Titanic with 3D map

A team is to make the most detailed survey ever of the Titanic, producing a 3D map of the ship.

RMS Titanic – the grandly-titled Salvor-In-Possession of the Titanic, has teamed up with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Waitt Institute for the mission.

Robot cameras will film sonar and video images of the ship and the debris field surrounding it, starting next month. When the imaging is complete, a 3D ‘map will be created and shown off by RMS Titanic’s parent company, Premier Exhibitions.

“The significance and scope of this mission, the team we’ve assembled to carry it out, and the breakthrough technologies being deployed will give people the opportunity to experience Titanic like never before,” says Chris Davino, Premier Exhibition’s CEO and president of RMS Titanic.

“RMS Titanic, Inc has a singular purpose: to faithfully and respectfully preserve the memory of Titanic and of all who sailed with her. The goals and objectives of this expedition are fully aligned with that purpose.”

During the two two-week expeditions, Titanic enthusiasts will be able to explore the wreck site in real time, with ongoing video feeds and photo postings, and interaction with key crew members through Facebook, Twitter and on the expedition’s website.

The wreck, which lies about two and a half miles underwater, was discovered in 1985, 73 years after it sank. It’s split into two main pieces.