Kelloggs acts to stamp out fake flakes

Kelloggs is considering etching its logo onto individual cornflakes to protect its brand from imitators.

“Now you’ll always be able to tell your Corn Flakes from your corn fakes!”  says the company on its UK Twitter feed, alongside a mouthwatering picture. Presumably it’s not having as much success as it might like with its “we don’t make cereal for anyone else” campaign.

But a spokeswoman admitted to TG Daily that the pic is itself a fake – a mockup of how the real thing might look.

Kelloggs claims the image shows the result of a laser process that directs a concentrated beam of light onto the flake.
“It’s something we’ve discovered we have the capability to do,” said the spokewoman. “We’re going to produce a one-off batch where the signature is lasered onto the food and see how it looks.

She said there were no plans to try the technique with any of the company’s other brands. Shame, we’d have liked to see them do it with a Rice Crispie.