Hunt is on for Mongolian Death Worm

Ulan Bator, Mongolia – Two New Zealanders are hoping to prove the existence of a giant Mongolian worm said to kill people by spitting acid or shooting lightning from its rectum.

The 1.5m Mongolian Death Worm – also known as the Allghoi Khorkhoi – is allegedly found in the Gobi Desert, but has never been captured on film. However, it has apparently been spotted by locals many times in one particular location in the south of the region.

David Farrier and Christie Douglas told that the mythical creature stood more chance than most of actually being real, as sparsely-populated Mongolia wasn’t a place where rumours generally ran rife. “If a Mongolian says they have seen a big worm-like creature out in the desert they haven’t really got any reason to lie,” said Farrier.

Possibly taking their inspiration from the film Tremors, the two plan to use explosives to bring the creature to the surface.

“I think it won’t be a worm – obviously, a worm can’t survive in a desert. I’d say it would be some sort of snake that’s not meant to be there. It’s very out of place and a bit new,” Farrier said.