God to Stephen Hawking: Really? That’s all you’ve got?

Ironically, by disputing God, Hawking may get us all killed by God.

What is wrong with geezer scientists? Do they never go to the movies or listen to Jack Van Impe?! You don’t go around messing with God unless you are high, and if you are high then, you’ve probably seen plenty of stuff that doesn’t really exist so, why not cut God some slack?

Stephen Hawking was, once, super cool because he had a best selling book called “A Brief History of Time.” Many people read this book, or started to read it, or just bought it to say that they were going to read it. It made absolutely no sense because it was written for the twenty or thirty people who would have to explain it to their post-doctoral students, and the rest of humanity has no need for post-doctoral anythings. He also talks through a computer and functions as a sort of Yoda like creature without the benefit of the Force.

Well, that was some time ago. Now, he has made a million clerics happy because he as a book coming out on September 9 that says, in short, “Meh. The universe doesn’t need God to exist or to come into existence.” TG Daily covered the story here earlier.

You can buy this book, co-written with a Caltech physics professor, Len Mlodinow, and called “The Grand Design,” but you have to consider the alternative hypotheses. There is Godel’s incompleteness theorem. Then, there’s the notion of creatio ex nihilo, something coming from nothing essentially, which in “The Grand Design” is used to mean that God is not required, but when it comes to the Hawking of “A Brief History of Time,” there are numerous mentions of God, and God’s possible involvement.

On the other hand, the theories in this book don’t diverge from conventional theories and they don’t explicitly deny the existence of God, just the notion that our present understanding of the creation of universes, there may be more than one, is that they don’t need anything to be formed. There is no pre-existing condition, hence no need for a God.

Yes, I have no idea of what I am talking about.

However, a little known fact, we talk to God all of the time here at TG Daily:

“Please God, don’t make me work here another day!”

“Oh, God, not another iPad versus netbooks story!”

“God! Is it me, or does this keyboard smell?”

When God found out that I was writing this story, he had this to say:

“I can make the sun disappear any time. Just push my buttons and see what happens. Don’t you have an article to write?”

Fortunately, everyone, most of all God, knows that no one ever listens to anything physicists have to say unless it proves a minor point of reference in Star Trek. So, physicists can tell us that Warp drives will be possible in forty years, and we go, “Yay!” When they start babbling about everything being held up by Superstrings, we know that they are one grant application away from serving burgers for a living.