Firm claims to have predicted Taiwan earthquake

A 6.4 strength earthquake hit Taiwan on Saturday night, with its epicenter 25 kilometers from the seabord town of Hualien. While only 14 injuries were reported, the quake caused disruption not only in the immediate neighborhood of Hualien, but affected the capital Taipei too.

The Taipei Timesreported that the earthquake was the strongest to hit the island in 2009 and there have been multiple aftershocks.

But a company called the Open Hazards Group claims to have accurately predicted the Taiwanese earthquake before it happened. It said that it posted its forecast to the OpenHazards website before the main shock occurred.

The contour plot, here, said the firm, shows earthquake probability and the blue marker shows the epicenter of the actual quake.

OpenHazards said that the information on its site is based “pn the best available science and technology”. It claims its forecasting methods are adapted from peer-reviewed literature by earthquake physicists and OpenHazards co-founders John Rundle and James Holliday.

The Taipei Times reported that the island’s fabs do not appear to have been affected by the quake.