Can a 3D movie cure arachnophobia? Director says yes

There’s a new 3D movie in the works that sounds like it’s not for the squeamish, except it is. It’s designed to be so realistic that it can be an alternative to hypnotherapy treatments for arachnophobia patients.

The film will be a creepy crawly look at spiders and tarantulas in all sorts of environments, designed to put people deathly scared of the multi-legged creatures head-on against their fears.

Director Neil Torbit says the film is so realistic it will feel like viewers are at times right in the middle of a room full of spiders.

The film was also created to advertise the launch of a new 3D TV network in the UK, Sky 3D, which will go live on October 1. It is currently being displayed at a show called the BugWorld Experience in Liverpool.

Torbit told The Press Association what it was like to film a movie where spiders are the stars. “We wanted to get a shot of loads of spiders in the bath, but we also needed props in the bath to give it the 3D depth it needed.

“Of course all the spiders hid under the props! We had four people trying to coax them out with sticks as well as blowing them with straws. In the shot you can only see about 12 spiders but there are actually about 25 in there somewhere!.”

The movie’s screening is available at BugWorld through September 5.