Internet use is stressing out the younglings

Researchers at Kent State University claim that students who spend hours each day online, texting or talking on mobiles are more anxious, miserable people who get lower grades.

The study was done by Andrew Lepp, Jacob Barkley and Aryn Karpinski who interviewed 536 students representing 82 different majors.

The students recorded daily mobile use. Each took social science tests that measure anxiety and satisfaction with their life, or happiness.

The study was divided between those who used their phones only to keep in touch, but had the emotional maturity to put it away and get on with other tasks.

Higher frequency users were unable to control phone use and were glued to the mobiles.

The researchers selected college students for their study because they are the first generation to grow up immersed in the technology.

Participants allowed the researchers to retrieve their cumulative grade point average. The researchers measured texts and calls sent and received and overall use.

The report found a strong relationship between high mobile use and high anxiety.

According to Andrew Lepp, the students who text under the table during lectures do not do as well as those that put the phone in the backpack. 

Source: TechEye