Humans are porcine ape hybrids?

A top genetics expert claims that he has found evidence that modern humans were caused by pigs and chimps mating.

Geneticist Eugene McCarthy is probably the greatest expert on hybrid animals in the world and his discovery explains an awful lot of what we have seen at channel sales conferences.

In his paper, McCarthy said that there are shedloads of inexplicable similarities in the anatomy of pigs and humans, and again inexplicable differences between humans and other primates.

He made a long list of anatomic evidence  but what we picked up from our boarish forefathers were  similarities in the microstructure of the skin and organs.

We are not sure how it was possible before the invention of alcohol and cheesy nightclubs how a love match between a chimp and a pig could come about.

According to InSerbia,   McCarthy suggests that humanity was probably created after numerous cases of mating of boars with female chimpanzees, when the cubs were raised by chimpanzees. It must have been tough on the piglet.  After all, they could not climb trees or fling their poo like their adopted brothers.

McCarthy also says that there are two possibilities when it comes to this type of hybridisation. The first is that the hybridisation happened several million years ago, and that it resulted by creating the first hominids hordes, and that later from the horde all hominid groups formed. The second is that the special cases of mating between chimpanzees and pigs produced two separate species of hominid, and that this is possible in places where pigs and chimpanzees meet each other, like in South Sudan.

Apparently, humans are not the only ape to go for someone a bit porky. McCarthy thinks that gorillas were created by crossing chimpanzees and forest pigs, which would explain many well-known concerns about the fertility of a gorilla.

Source: TechEye