Stroke victim doesn’t get sad anymore

Strokes can often leave victims in deblitating situations suffering everything from amnesia to migrains. The results are often tragic. Yet, one man seems to have suffered a happy incidence of his stroke, one that makes him the life of the party.

According to a story in Britains Daily Telegraph:

Malcolm Myatt, 68, who spent 19 weeks in hospital and lost the feeling in his left side, was told by doctors that the stroke had hit the frontal lobe of his brain, which controls the emotions.

He has since noticed a number of changes, including to his short term memory, but believes that the loss of sadness from his emotional repertoire is a positive.

Experts have confirmed that it is not uncommon for strokes to cause psychological, emotional and behavioural changes.

The retired lorry driver said: “I am never depressed. Being sad wouldn’t help anything anyway. I would definitely rather be happy all the time than the other way round. It’s an advantage really.

“The stroke could have become my worst enemy but I wouldn’t let it. Now I barely even notice that I don’t feel sadness.”

Courtesy of Daily Telegraph

This is a very positive result, and extremely rare. Could you ever be too happy? I guess, in this case, we will have to wait and see