Calling all wannabe-Martians

The private space company Mars One has issued the requirements for its astronaut selection program, a mission that seeks to establish the first human population on Mars in 2023.

In a statement issued from their headquarters, based in Amersfoort in the Netherlands, the company states that military experience, flying qualifications or even a science degree are not necessary requirements. Instead successful applicants need to be intelligent, in good mental and physical health and willing to dedicate eight years in training before they make their way to their new home on Mars.

The company has already received over 1000 applications for its space program which is hoping establish its first four astronauts on the red planet in 2023.

“Well before the official Astronaut Selection Program, we received more than one thousand emails from individuals who desire to go to Mars,” says Suzanne Flinkenflögel, Director of Communications at Mars One

“While they may not yet realize the incredible challenges that lay ahead, this show of support for a global selection campaign is so important to us. We are working hard to launch our selection campaign as soon as possible, to open the doors to everyone who aspires to do something tremendous in their lifetime.”

Other qualities they are looking for include: a willingness to build and maintain healthy relationships, a deep sense of purpose, the capacity for self-reflection and ability to trust. 

No specific skill-sets are required either. Instead Mars One states: 

“While any formal education or real-world experience can be an asset, all skills required on Mars will be learned while in training.”

However, any wannabe-astronauts should take care to read the small-print. Anyone enrolled on the program is expected to spend the rest of their lives on Mars.

If you’re still interested you can find out more about the selection criteria here.