Newest Roomba has advanced remote control

Welcome the newest member of the Roomba family.

The Roomba 790 has just been unveiled by iRobot, and as is typical with every incremental Roomba upgrade, this one has some enhancements to its floor-cleaning algorithms and is a bit more powerful than its predecessors.

But what really makes the 790 stand out is that it has a wireless remote control with advanced functionality that has never been seen with the Roomba before.

Although the formula that Roomba uses to clean houses is based on highly proven calculations and years of research, some stubborn users don’t like the fact that if you don’t know anything about Roomba, it looks like it just cleans random spots and overlooks some of the dirtiest areas.

For those impatient people, the new wireless remote will let you navigate the Roomba yourself. So you can sit on the couch and press the directional buttons to have the Roomba navigate to specific areas of your home.

This is hardly the first time iRobot has tried to pair a wireless remote control with the Roomba, but this new model is far more advanced, with a large display that also lets users schedule when they want Roomba to begin cleaning.

So if you want to give your floors a quick sweep every day while you’re at work, you can set that up with the remote control.

The remote also has a large button that says “Clean.” Simply press this and the Roomba will begin its thing.

The new Roomba 790 is available now for $699.