Silicon Micro offers augmented reality glasses

A company called Silicon Micro wants to get on the augmented reality game before Google does.

Google’s Project Glass is an ambitious idea that will most likely define the augmented reality industry. It’s a very niche market right now but Google wants to bring it to the mainstream.

There are other augmented reality glasses out there, but they all look incredibly bulky and don’t belong out on the streets.

Right now, the “wearable tech” market is pretty much dominated by glasses that are supposed to let users watch a movie with total immersion.

And that’s what Silicon Micro’s new ST1080 glasses are mostly designed for. You wear them, load up a movie, and then it’s just you and the video content.

The device is capable of playing back both 2D and 3D content, and works with a variety of video formats.

But inspired by Project Glass, it also lets users interact with augmented reality applications. So you can go out on the streets and see little icons and other forms of content in your peripheral vision.

Unfortunately, you’ll look like you’re from a bad 1980s sci-fi movie with these glasses, and you’ll also need to be plugged into a battery pack.

The ST1080 glasses have a retail price of $799.