Project Glass might come to prescription glasses

Google’s augmented reality glasses are getting cooler by the minute.

To some people, the idea of wearing glasses just to have some cool little virtual reality heads-up display, no matter how cool it might be, seems cumbersome.

Okay, for that crowd, Google’s augmented reality Project Glass initiative might not be the right thing. But what about people who have to wear glasses anyway?

It seems they might be the most ideal target for this project, and it’s not out of the question that it might be a more seamless integration than you’d think.

According to Googler Isabelle Olsson, the technology that’s being incorporated into Project Glass could technically be inserted into a pair of prescription glasses.

That means for the four-eyed community out there, trying out Project Glass would require no more additional items on your body that what you already wear every day. That’s pretty cool, no matter how much of an anti-nerd you think you are.

So Google obviously hasn’t confirmed any sort of partnership with Sears Optical or anything. It hasn’t even said that the technology has any plans for the prescription world, though it would be crazy not to try to tap into that market.

Project Glass is not at all ready for primetime yet, but it’s really, really neat to think about it. Because after all, when it comes to emerging tech, it always seems like there are never any negative factors to consider.

With Project Glass, of course there are concerns, but it’s coolness factor far outweighs them.