James Cameron ocean dive will be turned into 3D movie

James Cameron has been one of the most championed directors of 3D film, and in his next creation he’ll actually be the on-camera star as well.

Cameron gained a lot of media attention earlier this month for his exploration into the depths of the ocean. Going an amazing seven miles below sea level, he set a new world record for the deepest solo dive.

He shattered the previous record of five miles which, incidentally, was also set by Cameron just a few weeks earlier.

Video of the director’s incredible feat has already been posted to Youtube and other sites, but Cameron plans to turn the experience into a full-length documentary, in 3D of course.

“We spent a fair bit of the development budget of the sub figuring out how we would be lighting it and how we would do 3-D photography at full ocean depth. We did tackle a lot of challenges, but always, the thinking was this expedition is going to get paid for by a film,” he said.

Cameron’s dive took place in the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean. He managed to reach the deepest point of that section of the ocean, but had to return to the surface after his incredibly durable underwater vessel experienced a hydraulic fluid leak. Nevertheless, he was able to explore the largely unexplored area for nearly three hours.

The epic dive, of course, comes as Cameron is trying to strike up as much publicity as possible for the theatrical re-release of Titanic, remastered in 3D and primed for the 100th anniversary of the real-life Titanic disaster.

Titanic smashed box office records, earning more money than any other theatrical release in history, until Cameron broke his own record in 2009 with Avatar.