Video: PETMAN, the anthropomorphic robot

Boston Dynamics has posted a video of PETMAN, the anthropomorphic robot developed for testing special protective clothing used by the US Army.

Unlike previous suit testers which had to be supported mechanically and boasted a limited repertoire of motion, PETMAN is capable of balancing itself and moving freely. 

The robot also walks, crawls and executes a variety of suit-stressing calisthenics during exposure to chemical warfare agents.

In addition, PETMAN simulates human physiology within the protective suit by controlling temperature, humidity and sweating when necessary – all to provide realistic test conditions.

“Natural, agile movement is essential for PETMAN to simulate how a soldier stresses protective clothing under realistic conditions,” Boston Dynamics explained on its website.

“The robot will have the shape and size of a standard human, making it the first anthropomorphic robot that moves dynamically like a real person.”