Walking From Bed To Home Office is Actually a Workplace Commute, German Court Ruled

A German court has ruled that even if an employee is working from home, they can claim insurance.

Germany’s Federal Social Court ruled in favour of a man who slipped while walking a few meters from his bed to his home office.

The man, whose name is not known, while walking on the spiral staircase connecting the rooms slipped and broke his back, The Guardian reported.

The employer’s insurance had refused to cover the claim, but the higher court said it had found that “the first-morning journey from bed to the home office [was] an insured work route.”

The law is applicable to people in ‘teleworking” positions at their homes. 


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A man who slipped down the stairs and broke his back while walking from his bed to home office can file a claim on his employer’s insurance after a court in Germany ruled that he was commuting at the time.

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