US Regulators Investigates Tesla’s Autopilot feature following collisions with emergency vehicles

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened a formal investigation about Tesla’s automatic driving features.

The NHTSA claims to have identified 11 accidents that are of concern.

Most of the cases were at night and involved warning devices such as cones, flashing lights, or a sign with an arrow.

Tesla has promised full automation for driving and is testing that feature, but at the moment, the company still indicates active driver supervision is necessary when using existing “Full Self-Driving” features.

Despite how they have marketed the features, Tesla will tell you that none of their vehicles are truly self-driving and that the driver must maintain control.


Tesla is under investigation because its cars keep hitting emergency vehicles

Federal safety regulators are investigating at least 11 accidents involving Tesla cars using Autopilot or other self-driving features that crashed into emergency vehicles when coming upon the scene of an earlier crash.

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Tesla’s Autopilot is under federal investigation following crashes | Engadget

The NHTSA probe is looking into collisions with emergency vehicles..

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Tesla owners warned of ‘full self-driving’ risks even before fatal crash

Tesla’s “full self-driving” feature has attempted to drive under a railroad crossing arm while a speeding train passes. It’s nearly driven head on into a concrete wall of a parking garage, attempted ill-advised left turns, clipped at least one curb, and at least one driver was able to set a maximum speed of 90 mph on a street where the posted speed limit was 35 mph, according to videos posted on social media.

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Consumer Reports concerned Tesla uses owners to test unsafe self-driving software ? TechCrunch

A Tesla in full self-driving mode makes a left turn out of the middle lane on a busy San Francisco street. It jumps in a bus lane where it?s not meant to be. It turns a corner and nearly plows into parked vehicles, causing the driver to lurch for the wheel. These scenes have been [?]

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