U.K Bans Visitors From Denmark Due to New Coronavirus Strain in Minks

Britain has announced that for the meantime, visitors arriving from Denmark will not be allowed from entering the country amid recent developments of a mutated Covid-19 strain linked to minks. However, UK residents and its household arriving from Denmark are required to isolate for 14 days. Health authorities in Denmark have reported a widespread coronavirus outbreak on mink farms. Around 214 human cases were confirmed contaminated with Covid-19 linked to mink. Medical results showed that some of these patients’ already have the new mutated strain. The ban was implemented due to the risk it might cause in the success of U.K’s impending vaccines.

Screenshot from NY Post

NYPost: Visitors arriving into the UK from Denmark will not be permitted entry into the UK

Screenshot from NY Post

According to NY Post, Britain has banned visitors from Denmark after urgent warnings that a mutant strain of the coronavirus linked to minks could risk the success of impending vaccines.

The UK government has announced on its website that “the decision to act quickly follows the release of further information from health authorities in Denmark reporting widespread outbreaks of coronavirus (COVID-19) in mink farms, with a variant strain of the virus spreading to some local communities.”

Kare Molbak, the leading epidemiologist at Denmark’s State Serum Institute for infectious diseases, told the paper that “the worst-case scenario is a new pandemic starting again, this time from Denmark.”

Screenshot from Nicola Sturgeon's Twitter account