Things to know about potential ‘Havana syndrome’ symptoms reported in 200 Americans

About 200 Americans have reported symptoms potentially linked to ‘Havana syndrome.’

The condition was first identified in 2016 among diplomats at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba.

The symptoms reported includes hearing loud sounds and feeling pressure in their heads, followed by dizziness, unsteady gait and visual disturbances. Many suffered long-standing debilitating  effects.

The National Academies of Sciences said no similar conditions have been documented in medical literature.

The government is working to ensure all affected federal employees have access to specialized care at Military Health System Centers of Excellence, NBC News reports.

The Senate passed a bill in June that would authorize additional financial support for affected workers in need of medical care, according to the report.

It is also considering picking a prominent academic institution as a dedicated center to provide acute and chronic care for those affected workers, three people say. 

NBC News

Up to 200 Americans have reported possible “Havana Syndrome” symptoms

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