Surveillance robot filming undesirable social behaviors patrols the streets of Singapore

Xavier is the latest machine being used by Singapore cops to monitor streets since the outbreak of Covid-19.

It will be used to chase down people ignoring no-smoking zones, illegal hawkers, motorcycle or e-scooter riders on footpaths and gatherings that exceed the current limit on group sizes.

Xavier has a 360-degree field of vision, better suspension, facial recognition software, can see in the dark, and will be able to alert cops in real time. The robot is fitted with sensors so it can avoid objects and is programmed to follow a pre-configured patrol route. It has a two-way intercom so cops can respond to incidents remotely using Xavier’s two-ways intercom.

It is the first time an anonymous robot is being tested in a busy public area and is said to involve five public agencies involved in the project.

Robots To Patrol Singapore Streets To Detect Bad Social Behaviour

Singapore has started trials of robots to patrol public areas and deter poor social behaviour, in its latest effort to further augment its strong portfolio of surveillance tools.

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Singapore to double police cameras to more than 200,000 over next decade

Singapore aims to have more than 200,000 police cameras by at least 2030, Minister for Home Affairs K Shanmugam said on Tuesday, over double the current number of cameras deployed across the island state.

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Singapore’s RoboCop car has its own intruder-chasing drone | Engadget

If RoboCop has a gun in his thigh, this robotic security car from Singapore has a drone that it can send after intruders.

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