Seven Al-Qaeda Leaders Killed in Syria Airstrike

U.S forces conducted an airstrike last October 22 as supposed Al-Qaeda terrorists were gathered near the city of Idlib, northwestern Syria. U.S believes that seven Al-Qaeda leaders were eliminated during the attack but were not identified. According to Afghanistan officials, a top supporter of the powerful terrorist organization who is also in FBI’s most wanted list was allegedly killed during a military operation. As of Monday, details of the operation is still unclear.

New York Post:  A US airstrike in northwestern Syria is believed to have killed seven leaders of al-Qaeda affiliates

Screenshot from New York Post

New York Post reports that an air strike was conducted on Oct. 22 as the alleged terrorists were meeting near the city of Idlib, Syria.

According to Central Command spokesperson, Maj. Beth Riordan, seven people who were killed were not identified but airstrikes like this will damage the terrorist group as they attempt to attack Americans and US allies across the globe.

Husam Abd al-Rauf was reportedly killed in a military operation in the eastern section of Afghanistan as the US attempts to pull out of the country after years of military presence in the region.