Screams From Shanghai Residents Heard As Covid Lockdown Continues

26 million people in Shanghai have been under total COVID lockdown since April 5. Food supplies are said to be running low as China’s government struggles to cope with COVID-19 cases.

21,000 positive cases were registered in the city on Friday, as authorities ramped up a severe mass testing program.

Chinese government censors have taken down videos and articles critical of the lockdown, but this hasn’t stopped information leaking out from Chinese social media.

Some people have been completely barred from leaving their homes to get supplies for more than two weeks. Food delivery apps are showing up as completely out of stock, pushing many to breaking point.

A pet corgi was filmed getting beaten to death by a health worker after its owner reportedly tested positive for COVID in Shanghai on Friday. 

What it’s like to live inside Shanghai’s Covid lockdown

Shanghai is at the center of China’s efforts to stamp out the country’s largest outbreak of Covid since the start of the pandemic more than two years ago. No one is allowed to leave their residential compounds, even to buy food, and that’s creating huge pressure on the system.

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Shanghai?s lockdown resembles a horror movie as residents scream out from high rise apartments

Other viral videos coming out of the city show pets being beaten to death, parents being separated from their children, and a struggle for food and other necessities

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Chinese health care worker sparks outrage for beating dog to death over COVID fears

The disturbing video, verified by Agence France-Presse, shows the worker completely covered in a hazmat suit as the corgi wanders in an otherwise deserted Shanghai street.

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