Probe Finds Russian Federal Security Service Near Navalny Prior to Poisoning

After almost four months of investigation on opposition leader Aleksei Navalny’s poisoning incident last August, another finding has surfaced recently, this time from investigative website, Bellingcat. The latest report from the investigative site detected that Russia’s Federal Security Service has been trailing and spying on Navalny for four years prior to the flight in August. Bellingcat’s investigation also shows that Navalny was probably poisoned by a tainted Nigroni which he drank at Xander Hotel in the Siberian city of Tomsk. Bellingcat found relevant documents such as telephone records, passenger manifests and residential data that verifies communication between FSB and SC Signal, a company believed to be involved in the development of nerve agents. Due to the latest findings, Navalny considers this as case closed since he claims he already knows who is behind the poisoning.

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New York Post: Navalny said he now believed that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered the hit against him

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NY Post disclosed that according to a bombshell investigation, Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny — who fell gravely ill on a domestic flight in Russia — was likely poisoned by a tainted Negroni in an assassination attempt by the country’s spy agency.

Investigative website Bellingcat, claims the prominent opposition leader had been trailed and spied on for four years by Russian intelligence agents before the fateful flight in August.

Bellingcat report reveals that Russia’s FSB security service agents who “have specialized training in chemical weapons, chemistry and medicine” had followed the opposition leader more than 37 times over the last four years.

“Given this implausible series of coincidences, the burden of proof for an innocent explanation appears to rest purely with the Russian state,” Bellingcat adds.

The Hill: Putin has reportedly suggested to other world leaders that the poisoning was staged by Navalny.

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The Hill disclosed a  a report from Bellingcat, an investigative journalism group that specializes in open source information, that Russian spies with knowledge of poisons were near opposition leader Aleksei Navalny when he was exposed to toxins.

Bellingcat found telephone records with geolocation data, passenger manifests and residential data that indicated communication between SC Signal, an entity believed to be involved in the development of nerve agents, and the FSB.

The report indicates that three officers from the FSB followed Navalny to Siberia in August. Telephone records show that they trailed him to the city of Tomsk where further data indicated one of the agents was not far from the hotel where Navalny and his team were staying on Nov. 20.