Myanmar children locked up for their parent’s political beliefs

Soe Htay was a pro-democracy movement leader who fought against the military during the coup in February that toppled Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi’s government.

Now, his family is suffering the consequences for his activism, as his wife and teenage daughter were taken by the police and are still imprisoned.

His youngest daughter, Su Htet Waing, who was barely five years old then, was tortured by forcing her into a half sitting, half standing pose during the 18 days she was in detention.

Soe Htay and Su Htet Waing are currently hiding in a make-shift tent in the jungles of Myanmar infested with mosquitos.

Months since the coup, similar cases are reported where children are detained for several days and are being beaten.


Children locked up for the political beliefs of their parents

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